Billboard Sends Soaring Ski Message

11/13/2015 by

Mammoth Mountain ski resort got the attention of Southern California skiers with this imaginative, eye-catching billboard. It’s a snowboarder seemingly flying off of a ramp that is the billboard.  

Drivers and passersby were amazed at the snowboarder suspended in space above the board, doing a maneuver called a half pipe. He’s about ready to land on the snow. Or more precisely, on the billboard.

The billboard isn’t portrayed as being empty but as being filled with snow. The logo and the word “Mammoth” also appear in light lettering at upper right, with tagline “Play Big.”


Using Space Effectively

The billboard, in effect, uses the entire sky as its backdrop. This illustrates the tagline of the resort, “Play Big”. It is also an appropriate tagline for Mammoth as it encompasses 3,500 acres and its size it one of it biggest selling points.

Since the billboard is located in sunny Southern California, the majority of the time the sky will be blue, not overcast or rainy. The effect wouldn’t be the same in Seattle or New York during the fall and winter.

Considering the space on the board and the environment around it lets designers brainstorm and think out-of-the-box to come up with an idea that has a more powerful impact on the audience. 

Mammoth had to pay larger fees for this billboard in order to get the mannequin and snowboard in position. But considering the effect is had on their Southern California target audience, it was money well spent.

The Takeaway

Make the maximum use of your billboard marketing dollars by encouraging creativity. Be open to new ideas. Out on the street, there is a lot of competition for the eyes of your audience.

Be willing to spend a little bit more to get a billboard that grabs attention. The logistics of constructing and installing it can be more complex than that of a standard billboard.

But an innovative design gets talked about, especially in today’s technologically interconnected world.

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