Crowdsourcing Who-Done-It with Billboards

08/07/2017 by

Florida law enforcement used billboards in their attempt to crack several cold cases. A local billboard company donated several spots around Pinellas County to support the effort. 

Law enforcement around the country routinely use billboards as part of campaigns to solve old murders and other serious crimes. 

Jog Memories

The cases around Jacksonville range from 8 to 25 years old. In one, a 15-year-old high school girl was killed in a drive-by shooting. Another was discovered dead from gunshot wounds in an empty lot. In another case, two disabled girls were murdered.

With little evidence available, law enforcement was stymied. That leaves the criminals “still running around loose, ” as the sister of one victim pointed out. Pinellas County police said, “We continue to work ‘em…you just never stop.” 

The police used the billboards to encourage viewers to come forward with information. Detectives say many older cases can be solved with the participation of the community.


Florida law enforcement received several new leads. Seeing the victims faces on billboards can stimulate old memories. Because time has passed, witnesses often feel safer about reporting what they saw. People can share their memories anonymously by calling Crime Stoppers.


Old School Technology


Police departments around the U.S. and Canada are using billboards to elicit new information on cold cases. Calling them “old-school technology,” detectives say they are an effective way get old cases in front of people.


In the last decade, billboards have been an integral part of cold case campaigns in Ontario, Canada, Portland, OR, Pinellas County, FL, Oakland, CA, and Albuquerque, NM. The results of the murder cold case in New Mexico are typical. “We have received helpful information from the public, which helps our continuing investigation,” a detective stated.

Trigger Memories with Billboards

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