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Florida law enforcement used billboards in their attempt to crack several cold cases. A local billboard company donated several spots around Pinellas County to support the effort.

Buildings as Art and Ads

Today, we’re featuring a large billboard on the side of a 6 story New York City building. Carnival Cruise lines used billboards like these as well

According to many outdoor advertising experts, summer is the best time to get your message out on a billboard. In winter, people cocoon themselves inside,

Potatoes for Lay’s Chips, Fresh from the Billboard

Called tubers in the tubes, the Lay’s potato chip out of home piece placed in the Chicago subway got lots of attention in 2009. The aim of the campaign

Surprising Billboard Designs Grab Attention

Surprising Billboard Designs Grab Attention

It takes a lot to get the attention of drivers and passersby. Busy concentrating on getting to their destination and with

BBC World Uses Corner Billboards to Attract Attention

BBC World Uses Corner Billboards to Attract Attention

BBC World wanted to arrive in the U.S. with a bang in 2006. It’s New York City billboards did just that. The goal was to publicize the launch of BBC World, a 24-hour news and information

Muffins Are Falling! The Muffins Are Falling!

How do you draw attention to your product? Have it crush a car! Bloom Supermarkets grabbed the attention of drivers in Charlotte, N.C., with a combination

London Billboard Delights Chocoholics

In 2007, London shoppers got a chance to sample Thorntons chocolate, right off the billboard. An Easter marketing effort, it was made from bunnies, Easter eggs and panels,The finished chocolate billboard, the first of its kind, measured 14.5 feet wid

Pop the Question with a Billboard

Wondering how to ask your loved one to marry you? Think big! Think billboard. Here is a look at how it worked for two couples, one in Minnesota, the other in England.

Reminding Homeowners It’s Time for Spring Cleaning

Do you have projects at home that you keep procrastinating on? Most homeowner’s do. Lowes Home Improvement tapped into the guilt with this billboard.