Legos Everywhere!

12/15/2015 by

Many families have Legos spilling out from their children’s playroom into the family room, kitchen and beyond. Entire childhoods have been built on these tiny plastic bricks. And now they have invaded the outdoor space, in the form of billboards, bus stop signs and street art like the one above.

Eye-Grabbing Icons

The characters at this bus stop in Malaysia are Whale, Monster and Caterpillar, familiar to youngsters worldwide. The billboard makers worked closely with a certified Lego designer to produce accurate artwork.

The complicated design makes it appear that the Lego people have wandered in from another dimension. They created a lot of chuckles among adults and no doubt requests for more Lego sets from children.

Using popular characters from the world of toys appeals to both the buying segment of the population, the adults, and to the consumers, the children. It is a very efficient way to advertise.

There’s Something Different About Those Bricks

The entire side of this building looks like it’s made of Lego. But it is very understated, all in off white and just a small logo in the upper left. The billboard, making up the entire side of the structure, gets seen by drivers, passengers and pedestrians along this busy thoroughfare.

A bit of an in-joke, it is aimed at adults more than children. It gives those with Lego experience, either through their kids or their own childhood, a knowing chuckle. 

These old railroad transport units look like they are waiting for giant children to come play with them. The primary colors attract attention from drivers on the road nearby. 

Street art like this soon becomes a local landmark, something that adults point out to children as they drive by. It also gets a lot of publicity from local news outlets. The marketing value is far beyond the cost of painting old railroad cars.

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