McDonald’s: Along the Street and on the Street

12/15/2015 by

Have you ever walked on French fries? Whaaaat? Yes, French fries! During Zurichfest, a major public festival in Switzerland, McDonald’s decided to get creative with its marketing. It changed a crosswalk into a package of its famous French fries with the fries acting as the stripes on the crosswalk. The crosswalk led right on to a McDonald’s so it was very apropos and not a random advertisement

Stand Out from the Crowd

The festival attracts thousands of people, all ready to be entertained and fed and the competition is fierce among fast food shops, cafes and restaurants in the city. Creative marketers for the local franchises put together an outdoor advertising plan that successfully got the attention of festivalgoers. That’s not easy when the attendees are being  bombarded with an abundance of advertising. 

Normally, taking over a pedestrian crossing isn’t feasible due to traffic laws. But during Zurichfest, the city opens certain streets for all-pedestrian use, so the crossing marks don’t matter. People can freely walk anywhere. 

This giant French fries crosswalk was painted outside the local McDonald’s restaurant, acting like a giant pointer to the burger place. It served to remind hungry pedestrians crossing the street that food was just a few steps away.

If It Works, Use It

Outdoor marketing designers have always been a pragmatic breed. If they can get attention with it, they are willing to put a billboard just about anywhere.

The most successful know that research, creativity and flexibility are the keys to success with billboard advertising. As a business owner or manager, you want to get your billboard in front of that segment of the population that is interested in buying your product or service. And it needs to be eye-catching, memorable and easy to grasp.

Once you find the best outdoor location, you need to position the billboard in such a way that both drivers and pedestrians can see it easily, read the type and understand what you are selling.

Don’t Get Stuck for Ideas

It’s hard to present your product in a way that grabs the attention of consumers who are daily inundated with advertising of all types. Billboards can be one of the most effective ways to market to your target audience, if used correctly. 

At Billboard Connection, we can help you make the best use of your billboard budget. With years of practical, creative experience in this field, with its very specific requirements for success, we know what works and what is a waste of money. We are happy to answer your questions and provide a free quote. Call us today at 1-866-257-6025.