Potatoes for Lay’s Chips, Fresh from the Billboard

05/24/2017 by

Called tubers in the tubes, the Lay’s potato chip out of home piece placed in the Chicago subway got lots of attention in 2009. The aim of the campaign was to tout the fact that the brand uses American-grown spuds to make the chips.

The realistic OOH piece looked like real potatoes were growing out of the ceiling. The tag line for the ad is, “Our potatoes are grown closer than you think.”

Billboards, the Center of a Major Campaign

The billboard installations got major publicity in the media. As a follow-up to the billboards, consumers could actually find out where potatoes used in specific bags of chips were grown. The company had a Chip Tracker on a website, which used a special code on the bag.

The campaign also included television commercials. In individual ads, more than 80 farmers in their fields, from 27 states, praised their spuds and the chips made from them. 

Buying Local

The huge potato chip manufacturer was tapping into the local food, or locavore, movement. The shift toward buying food grown and raised nearby gains more traction each year.

It is odd for a giant corporation, and a maker of snack food at that, to try to tap into this particular niche. Frito Lay was aiming at people who want healthy food that is sourced in the community.  

Though purists said Frito-Lay farms were more industrials than mom-and-pop, the campaign resonated with consumers. They appreciated the homely touch for the classic snack food.

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