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Union County
Elizabeth, New Jersey
United States
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Good to know
      • To Capture your Targeted Market, We can Place Your Ad on any of the Following:
      • Outdoor Billboards
      • Bulletins
      • Posters
      • Wallscapes
      • Digital Billboards
      • Transit Bus/Train

We welcome you to contact us, in order to assist you with any type of outdoor advertising campaign.

We can place your ad on highly visible outdoor billboards located on the Godethals Bridge Crossing into New Jersey or Cross into Staten Island, and else where throughout the county.

Advertise on any of these major throwaways to capture your audience: New Jersey Turnpike / Interstate 95, Interstate 278 (including the Goethals Bridge), U.S. Route 1/9, Route 27, Route 28 and Route 439.

We will assist your company, office, group, logo, website, organization, you name it, on any billboard in the State of New Jersey.

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