Sebring Florida Billboards

Ken Kueker
Sebring, Florida
United States
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Good to know
      • Take advantage of the dynamic capabilities of digital billboard advertising, including day parting, conditional content, and countdown to attract more customers and increase revenue.
      • Call today and get pre-construction, free bonus time for your digital advertising!

Coming September 28th - New Digital Billboard on Hwy 27.
Located close to the road giving it a dominant appearance.

Day Parting: Automatically display a different message to take advantage of viewers different interests at different times of the day.

Conditional Content: Automatically display content that changes in your advertisement such as temperature, stock market, interest rates...even sports scores!

Count down the days, hours, minutes...even seconds to an event or holiday. Or count up from an event or start date.

Digital billboards give you these capabilities to make a closer connection with your prospects and customers!